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First Date Ideas - World Wide Categories

Picnic Basket

Rated by 303 voters :

Pack a picnic basket with yummy deli treats and a bottle of wine. Find a secluded park, spread out a blanket and laze around together...

The Bookshop Date

Rated by 292 voters :

The Bookshop Date! Take your date to the nearest cafe-bookstore and send them on a mission to find their five favourite books.

You do the same. Sit down over coffee and cake and tell each other about the books and why they are important to you. Read them your favourite excerpts and vice versa.

Pool Hall Date

Rated by 254 voters :

Go to a seedy pub or pool hall and challenge each other to a few rounds of pool.

Driving Range Date

Rated by 329 voters :

Buy a bucket of balls at a local driving range and practice your golf swing!

The Museum Date

Rated by 297 voters :

Tour a museum together and soak up the history!

An Art Exhibition Date

Rated by 271 voters :

Visit an art exhibition together and be "arty" in your interpretations of the works! Or just genuinely enjoy the creativity together...

Comedy Club

Rated by 285 voters :

Your local comedy club usually has a cheap tickets night and even the undiscovered comedians can be hilarious! Laugh until your sides split, it is good for your endorphins!

Nature Walk

Rated by 282 voters :

Head for a nature walk in a National Park area, take a picnic and soak up the majesty of nature together!

Salsa Dance Class

Rated by 259 voters :

Go try a salsa dance class - the first lesson is usually free, and they are often held at local bars where you can shout your date drink as well!

Play Bingo Date

Rated by 278 voters :

Bingo! Find a serious bingo hall that is offering serious prize money - jackpot of $5,000 or more! It'll get your heart pumping as you get close to screaming out BINGO...

Dessert Only Date

Rated by 380 voters :

Dessert only - go to a great restaurant after eating dinner at home and order desserts and coffees only - sample as many as you can for your $30 budget!

Drive-In for the New Millennium

Rated by 402 voters :

The drive-in for the new millennium! Charge up a laptop and take it outside to a field or park somewhere with some snacks at nighttime to watch a movie together under the stars.

Drive In Date

Rated by 295 voters :

Go to a drive in, bring your pillows, get comfy, buy your favorite food beforehand and watch a flick in the comfort of your own car, with a little flirting in-between features.

Traveling Circus

Rated by 251 voters :

Go and see the traveling circus when its in town! Try to resist the urge to run away with it and become trapeze artists!

Amusement Park Date

Rated by 308 voters :

Go to an amusement park and play on all the rides, eat fariyfloss and win giant stuffed animals! (NB: the rides are more fun if you scream, even if you are not that scared!)

Batting Cage

Rated by 64 voters :

Go to the batting cages and make it a competition! Winner has to plan the next date - loser buys dinner!

If I win, you will do for me...

Rated by 47 voters :

Go to a little hole in the wall mini golf place, and make bets! my favorite is if i win, my sweetheart owes me a nice back massage, or is making dinner for the night <3