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Free Date Ideas - World Wide Categories

Grease Monkeys

Rated by 309 voters :

For girls: Dig out your overalls, then ask your date to teach you how to change the tire on his car. Then go through the transmission, oil, water and brake fluid. Be grease monkeys together!

Donate Blood

Rated by 330 voters :

Give something back: donate blood together, then enjoy some conversation over cookies and juice.

Strip Chess

Rated by 291 voters :

Play a game of chess together - best out of three. If that sounds boring, consider strip chess! (Pawns do not count for taking clothes off, only the big pieces!)

Spring Clean

Rated by 302 voters :

Turn up the music and spring clean the house together, naked!

The Musical Date

Rated by 233 voters :

Assuming your date is musical, get them to teach you how to play a song on the guitar, piano, drums - whatever their instrument of choice is! Tell them to be patient with you...

An Art Exhibition Date

Rated by 271 voters :

Visit an art exhibition together and be "arty" in your interpretations of the works! Or just genuinely enjoy the creativity together...

The Treasure Hunt

Rated by 284 voters :

Set up a treasure hunt, trans-suburban! Get in the car and let your sweetheart figure out the clues, drive to the next spot and find the next clues. Only help out where necessary! It will be nice if the places you visit mean something to the two of you. Make sure you lead them to a great surprise at the end!

Massage Your Date

Rated by 337 voters :

Give your sweetie a massage. Set up with sweet almond oil, towels, candles and music and relieve the tension from their day.

Take a Bath with Your Date

Rated by 356 voters :

Take a bath together, complete with bubbles, music, candles and champagne!

The Star Gazing Date

Rated by 375 voters :

Drive out of town for some star gazing, equipped with a torch and a constellation map... see how many constellations you can find! (Find map here)

The Festival Date

Rated by 226 voters :

Find a festival - there are festivals happening all the time, usually with free or cheap entertainment and food.

Icecream Date

Rated by 238 voters :

Buy an icecream or a takeaway coffee and make the most of some beautiful scenery! Think beaches, mountains, nature walks...

The Coin Flip Drive

Rated by 384 voters :

Go for a coin flip drive: every time you come to a cross roads, flip a coin! Heads for left, tails for right. See where you end up!

The Striptease

Rated by 251 voters :

Get cheeky and spoil your partner with a striptease! Put together a playlist of a few sexy songs and layer up with a hot little outfit.

If you feel a bit shy, consider renting a cheesy DVD like Showgirls or going to a strip class first for inspiration!

Build Sandcastles

Rated by 278 voters :

Head for the beach or a sandpit and build sandcastles and sand-sculptures together! Get a bit messy, have a competition and ask passers-by to vote on their favourite!

Skinny Dipping

Rated by 336 voters :

Go skinny dipping! Find a quiet pool or waterway - be daring!

Bicycle Ride

Rated by 266 voters :

Go for a leisurely bicycle ride together! Take your own, or borrow or hire some. Head for somewhere that has a bike path set aside from the road (the beach or the country is usually a good choice) and enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Get Frisky Outside

Rated by 326 voters :

Find a secluded clearing outdoors or somewhere conspicuous and get a bit frisky making out where no one can see you, but where there is a slight chance of being caught!

Nature Walk

Rated by 282 voters :

Head for a nature walk in a National Park area, take a picnic and soak up the majesty of nature together!

Be in a TV Audience

Rated by 254 voters :

Get tickets to be in a TV audience together! Go along, laugh and cheer along with everyone else and see what goes on behind the scenes and behind the cameras.

Flea Market Date

Rated by 252 voters :

Browse for bargains at a flea market!

Camp Overnight in your Backyard

Rated by 297 voters :

Camp overnight in your backyard! Pitch a tent, cook on a little gas bbq and make yourself a little campfire. Avoid going in the house if you can!

Favourite Places

Rated by 298 voters :

Take a video camera to your favourite places that mean something to the two of you. Film documentary style, sit each other down and ask questions about what they remember about this place, why is it special, etc . Edit it smartly on your computer and BAM you have a DVD to keep forever.

Play Dough

Rated by 239 voters :

Make your own play-dough from flour, water and food colouring, then spend the afternoon making artful sculptures! Play-dough recipes can be found here

Borrow a Kid

Rated by 423 voters :

Borrow a friend or relatives kid and take them out for a day!

Salsa Dance Class

Rated by 259 voters :

Go try a salsa dance class - the first lesson is usually free, and they are often held at local bars where you can shout your date drink as well!

Humanitarian - Litter Removal

Rated by 330 voters :

Litter Removal! Find a park or area that could use some attention and spend time cleaning it up. Relax and enjoy a coffee or ice cream in your clean space once you have finished!

The Sunrise Date

Rated by 357 voters :

How often do you enjoy a sunrise together?! Wake your date up early and find a beautiful lookout to enjoy a sunrise. Stop by a bakery on the way home and pick up breakfast still warm from the oven!

Memory Lane

Rated by 250 voters :

Both of you, pull out your childhood memory boxes! Sort through old photos, school assignments, trophies, etc, and take a stroll down memory lane with your date. Tell them about your friends, your first loves and anything else you remember from long ago...


Rated by 292 voters :

Fireworks! Take a blanket and a picnic to the next scheduled fireworks night near you!

Model for a Day

Rated by 268 voters :

Model for a day! Spend time picking a nice outfit and doing hair and make up, then grab a digital camera and take glamour shots of your date!

Turn up the music and serve some wine to help them relax. Play around with different poses and camera settings. Frame your favourites for keeping!

Drive-In for the New Millennium

Rated by 402 voters :

The drive-in for the new millennium! Charge up a laptop and take it outside to a field or park somewhere with some snacks at nighttime to watch a movie together under the stars.

Palm Reading

Rated by 281 voters :

Get some books from the library or source some information on the internet and learn how to give you partner a palm reading. Burn some incense and candles and look deep into their future!

Make-Up Kit

Rated by 310 voters :

Girls: pull out your make-up kit and get him to give you a makeover. Guys may not admit it, but they are definitely curious about that morning make-up ritual! Be prepared to have a sense of humour, odds are it will not be pretty!

Playground Date

Rated by 337 voters :

Take your date to the playground. Be silly and play together, the two of you will have a ball!

Volunteering Date

Rated by 253 voters :

Spend a day volunteering together for a cause!

Most not-for-profit organisations will welcome your help for a day - perhaps playing with puppies at the pound or chatting to residents at a retirement home.

Read to Each Other

Rated by 262 voters :

Read to each other - pick a favourite book or, for the racy couples, find some erotic fiction or Mills & Boon and read out the love scenes to get your hearts aflutter!

Strip Sport

Rated by 281 voters :

Sit down together and watch a sports match!

Make it interesting by picking a team each and playing strip sport - barrack for different teams and for every goal your team scores, the other person takes off an item of clothing! Amend the rules so that the stripping lasts throughout the game... Winner gets to choose what they want to do now that the loser is naked!

Meet for a Jog

Rated by 308 voters :

Meet for a jog in a scenic park, get sweaty and take it from there.

Street Performers

Rated by 272 voters :

Take a walk around the downtown/shopping district of a coastal city. See the sites and street performers. Buy sandwiches, or what you fancy, and have dinner on the beach while watching the sunset.

Online Date

Rated by 282 voters :

Make an online date with your sweetie - either jump on computers at different houses, or even different computers in the same house, or take it public to an internet cafe!

Meet in a private chat room or on Skype or IM and have a conversation over the internet... you will be surprised at how it adds a whole new dimension to your conversation. And if you start to feel frisky, perhaps indulge in some cybersex!

Hare Krishna Restaurant

Rated by 224 voters :

Go to the Hare Krishna restaurant where payment is by donation. Learn about their culture while you are there! They are very friendly people!

Visit a Historical Landmark

Rated by 216 voters :

Visit an historical landmark or estate and absorb the past with an official tour of the place.

Nudist Beach

Rated by 343 voters :

If you are feeling adventurous, take a day trip to your nearest nudist beach and frolick in the waves! (Tip: remember to pack the sunscreen!)

Laughing Club

Rated by 209 voters :

Find your local community laughing club! Yes, laughing club! Laughing releases all kinds of great feel-good endorphins that will leave you with a smile all day. Find your closest one here

Drive to Your Local Beach

Rated by 271 voters :

Take a drive to your local beach- pack a blanket and dress warm- but go at night and watch those stars on the hood of your car!

Cut Each Others Hair

Rated by 536 voters :

Instead of going to the hairdresser, why not be adventurous and cut each others hair in a way that you think would look good!

Write a Song

Rated by 241 voters :

Write a song together, and take turns singing it to each other, or even playing it on an instrument!

Firefly Hunting

Rated by 275 voters :

Go firefly hunting in the summer! Buy a bug cage or fashion your own out of soda bottles (be sure to leave air holes!). Make it a competition to see how many you can catch. Tally up the results. Every one firefly equals a kiss!

Sand Castle

Rated by 272 voters :

Buy a bucket, some shovels, and any other supplies you might need, and go build a sand castle on the beach. Take pictures.

Rainy Day

Rated by 261 voters :

When it is a rainy day, grab your gumboots, put on a raincoat and splash around like kids outside in the rain

Sprinkler Date

Rated by 217 voters :

On a hot summer afternoon, get into your swimming gear, hook up a sprinkler to a hose and play under the water. When finished, make sure to indulge in a childhood memory and each an icy-pole

Watch a Trial in Progress

Rated by 391 voters :

Go to your city court and listen watch a trial in progress... afterwards discuss the trial over a cup of coffee and a bite to eat!

Play Truth or Dare

Rated by 282 voters :

Play truth or dare together like when you were teenagers!

Public Event

Rated by 250 voters :

Go to a public event in the city (eg: film festival, food festival etc), and soak up the vibes!

Christmas Lights

Rated by 306 voters :

During Christmas time, drive around at night together and marvel at the beautiful lights across town

Dance Under the Moonlight...

Rated by 326 voters :

On a clear, warm night, take a portable stereo outside, and have your own dance under the moonlight...

Music Tunes

Rated by 206 voters :

Many music shops let you listen to demos of the CDs they sell - spend some time with your sweety picking out some tunes you both like!

Compile a CD

Rated by 217 voters :

Compile a CD of both of your favourite tunes together!


Rated by 252 voters :

Meditate together on a rainy afternoon, incense and all

Dress Up

Rated by 332 voters :

Dress up as some of the movie, cartoon, or anime characters youve always wanted to be, and take lots of photos!

Superhero perhaps...

Ebay Date

Rated by 148 voters :

Pour a glass of wine and pump the tunes. Go through your wardrobes and choose a few clothing items that you could do without but still in a good condition. Take pictures of the items posing in them. Upload them on eBay and voila! You get a few bucks for your next date . . . out!

Wooded Trail Hike

Rated by 126 voters :

Find a wooded trail for either hiking or biking and go right after it rains! Be sure to wear clothes you don't care for. Get muddy and have fun. Muddy kisses are surprisingly romantic!

City Walks

Rated by 57 voters :

Go downtown during the winter to walk around and see the city. Whenever it gets too cold for you and your date, duck into whatever antique shop, cafe or other miscellaneous store you're closest to and warm up before venturing out again. And of course always take a camera.

A quiet creek or pond

Rated by 34 voters :

Drive out away from the commotion of the city and find a quiet creek or pond and go swimming for a day. Teach your date how to skip rocks or search the banks for that perfect heart-shaped rock. Be creative once you are there. Don't be shy.