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Fun Date Ideas - World Wide Categories

Ten Pin Bowling

Rated by 305 voters :

Ten Pin Bowling is silly, fun and can even be sexy!

Fish and Chip Date

Rated by 271 voters :

Find a great local fish and chip shop, get takeaway and drive to the nearest park or beachfront to have a greasy picnic. Bring napkins!

The Bookshop Date

Rated by 292 voters :

The Bookshop Date! Take your date to the nearest cafe-bookstore and send them on a mission to find their five favourite books.

You do the same. Sit down over coffee and cake and tell each other about the books and why they are important to you. Read them your favourite excerpts and vice versa.

Video Game Arcade Date

Rated by 311 voters :

Cash your $30 into coins and find a video game arcade. Play two-player and then share a soda after working up a sweat!  

Pool Hall Date

Rated by 254 voters :

Go to a seedy pub or pool hall and challenge each other to a few rounds of pool.

Swimming Pool

Rated by 235 voters :

Pack your bathers and beach towels and go to the local swimming pool for the day. Splash!

Grease Monkeys

Rated by 309 voters :

For girls: Dig out your overalls, then ask your date to teach you how to change the tire on his car. Then go through the transmission, oil, water and brake fluid. Be grease monkeys together!

Driving Range Date

Rated by 329 voters :

Buy a bucket of balls at a local driving range and practice your golf swing!

The Shopping Date

Rated by 254 voters :

Take your lovebird shopping with you and buy them something for $30 that you think they look great in - think underwear, accessories or a cool top. Have fun making them try on things that push their comfort circle!

Drive-ins Date

Rated by 309 voters :

Go to the drive-ins. Pack your own snacks and a blanket and get cosy in the backseat. Or to really impress, borrow a ute or station wagon and pop a mattress in the back, old-school style!

Strip Chess

Rated by 291 voters :

Play a game of chess together - best out of three. If that sounds boring, consider strip chess! (Pawns do not count for taking clothes off, only the big pieces!)

Rollerblading Date

Rated by 302 voters :

Rent a couple of pairs of rollerblades and hit the road or the beach esplanade together!

Roller-Rink Date

Rated by 256 voters :

Find a roller-rink and spend the day on old-fashioned rollerskates. Learn to hold hands and spin, just like the movies!

Whipped Cream Fight!

Rated by 345 voters :

Have a whipped cream fight!

Each person gets two cans. Head outside to a park where you can get strategic and hide behind trees/bushes. Wear old clothes!

Sporting Event Date

Rated by 272 voters :

Go see a sporting event together. Barrack for different teams. Loser team buys winner team dessert!

An Art Exhibition Date

Rated by 271 voters :

Visit an art exhibition together and be "arty" in your interpretations of the works! Or just genuinely enjoy the creativity together...

The Treasure Hunt

Rated by 284 voters :

Set up a treasure hunt, trans-suburban! Get in the car and let your sweetheart figure out the clues, drive to the next spot and find the next clues. Only help out where necessary! It will be nice if the places you visit mean something to the two of you. Make sure you lead them to a great surprise at the end!

Bake a Cake

Rated by 325 voters :

Bake a cake together... FROM SCRATCH! Get creative and get messy. See what amazing creation you can make!

The Festival Date

Rated by 226 voters :

Find a festival - there are festivals happening all the time, usually with free or cheap entertainment and food.

The Zoo Date

Rated by 301 voters :

Go to the zoo! It will be a lovely day out together, adults rarely go alone without kids!

The Planetarium Date

Rated by 333 voters :

Go to a planetarium and get swept up in the magic of a starry sky.

The Coin Flip Drive

Rated by 384 voters :

Go for a coin flip drive: every time you come to a cross roads, flip a coin! Heads for left, tails for right. See where you end up!

The Striptease

Rated by 251 voters :

Get cheeky and spoil your partner with a striptease! Put together a playlist of a few sexy songs and layer up with a hot little outfit.

If you feel a bit shy, consider renting a cheesy DVD like Showgirls or going to a strip class first for inspiration!

Comedy Club

Rated by 285 voters :

Your local comedy club usually has a cheap tickets night and even the undiscovered comedians can be hilarious! Laugh until your sides split, it is good for your endorphins!

Build Sandcastles

Rated by 278 voters :

Head for the beach or a sandpit and build sandcastles and sand-sculptures together! Get a bit messy, have a competition and ask passers-by to vote on their favourite!

Table Tennis

Rated by 213 voters :

Table Tennis is a fun and silly way to spend some time together! There are specialist Table Tennis halls or you might find a table at your local pool hall or recreation centre.

Waterslide Date

Rated by 298 voters :

Find a water park and go play on the waterslides together for a day!

Water Fight Date

Rated by 293 voters :

On a hot day, stock up with some water balloons and water guns and head to a nearby park for a good, old-fashioned water fight! Go stealth in the bushes and behind trees and ambush each other with your ammunition! Good fun!

Milk a Cow - Shear a Sheep

Rated by 327 voters :

Find somewhere you can milk a cow and shear a sheep, just for something completely different!

Bicycle Ride

Rated by 266 voters :

Go for a leisurely bicycle ride together! Take your own, or borrow or hire some. Head for somewhere that has a bike path set aside from the road (the beach or the country is usually a good choice) and enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Get Frisky Outside

Rated by 326 voters :

Find a secluded clearing outdoors or somewhere conspicuous and get a bit frisky making out where no one can see you, but where there is a slight chance of being caught!

Bake Gingerbread

Rated by 275 voters :

Bake gingerbread people together - get cutouts for both gingerbread girls and boys and decorate them to look like your sweetie! Use mini frosting tubes, lollies, whatever you can find to make them in a likeness!

Be in a TV Audience

Rated by 254 voters :

Get tickets to be in a TV audience together! Go along, laugh and cheer along with everyone else and see what goes on behind the scenes and behind the cameras.

The Aquarium Date

Rated by 291 voters :

Get acquainted with life under the sea at an aquarium.

Go Parking

Rated by 307 voters :

Find your local scenic outlook (aka makeout point!) and go parking! Fool around in the backseat like you were teenagers again!

Ice-Skating Rink

Rated by 314 voters :

Bundle yourself up in your woolies and head for an ice-skating rink!

Indoor Picnic

Rated by 366 voters :

Have an indoor picnic! Clear room to spread out a blanket, light some candles and eat on the floor. Put on a CD of nature sounds to make it realistic, and before you know it, it will feel like you are making out in the great outdoors!

Camp Overnight in your Backyard

Rated by 297 voters :

Camp overnight in your backyard! Pitch a tent, cook on a little gas bbq and make yourself a little campfire. Avoid going in the house if you can!

Camping Ground

Rated by 306 voters :

Camp overnight at a camping ground! Site hire is usually cheap and a friend will have a small tent you can borrow if you do not have one.

Play Dough

Rated by 239 voters :

Make your own play-dough from flour, water and food colouring, then spend the afternoon making artful sculptures! Play-dough recipes can be found here

Borrow a Kid

Rated by 423 voters :

Borrow a friend or relatives kid and take them out for a day!


Rated by 228 voters :

Go op-shopping together and pick out outfits for each other! You can actually find some good stuff if you look hard enough. If good stuff is eluding you, resort to silly things or even some fantasty character outfits... Hel-lo Nurse!

Bake Cookies

Rated by 311 voters :

Bake cookies together from scratch!

Salsa Dance Class

Rated by 259 voters :

Go try a salsa dance class - the first lesson is usually free, and they are often held at local bars where you can shout your date drink as well!

Play Bingo Date

Rated by 278 voters :

Bingo! Find a serious bingo hall that is offering serious prize money - jackpot of $5,000 or more! It'll get your heart pumping as you get close to screaming out BINGO...

Build-a-Bear Workshop

Rated by 336 voters :

Find a Build-a-Bear Workshop - make a "love child bear" that has a combination of both your traits... Your cute dress sense, your partners eye-glasses...

Holiday House

Rated by 228 voters :

If you can find a friend or relative that has a holiday house, see if they mind you borrowing it for a night away! It is always nice to get out of town together, even for one night.

Beauty Treatment

Rated by 249 voters :

Treat your partner to a beauty treatment at the local beauty school - training colleges offer really good rates on their treatments!

Model for a Day

Rated by 268 voters :

Model for a day! Spend time picking a nice outfit and doing hair and make up, then grab a digital camera and take glamour shots of your date!

Turn up the music and serve some wine to help them relax. Play around with different poses and camera settings. Frame your favourites for keeping!

Drive-In for the New Millennium

Rated by 402 voters :

The drive-in for the new millennium! Charge up a laptop and take it outside to a field or park somewhere with some snacks at nighttime to watch a movie together under the stars.

Palm Reading

Rated by 281 voters :

Get some books from the library or source some information on the internet and learn how to give you partner a palm reading. Burn some incense and candles and look deep into their future!

Make-Up Kit

Rated by 310 voters :

Girls: pull out your make-up kit and get him to give you a makeover. Guys may not admit it, but they are definitely curious about that morning make-up ritual! Be prepared to have a sense of humour, odds are it will not be pretty!

Indoor Rock-Climbing

Rated by 291 voters :

Find an indoor rock-climbing centre and scale the walls! Support and encourage each other - but DO NOT drop each other! (if your lady has long nails, this is NOT a good idea)

Playground Date

Rated by 337 voters :

Take your date to the playground. Be silly and play together, the two of you will have a ball!

Blindfold Tag

Rated by 297 voters :

Here is a fun, silly one for home one night - turn out all the lights and both put on a blindfold. Start from opposite ends of the house and play blindfolded tag! (Wise to remove all breakables and sharp objects that may get in your way!)

Play Tennis

Rated by 263 voters :

Take some tennis racquets and balls to a nearby court and have a hit together. Do not play serious tennis... Go out there and have some fun.

Casino Date

Rated by 203 voters :

Go to the casino and cash your $30 into chips! Find a low-roller table to start with - Black Jack or Roulette is best. Stay away from the slot machines, boring! See how far your $30 can get you!

Quit when ahead and shout yourselves dinner or buy something nice with your winnings!

Love Conversation Starters

Rated by 176 voters :

Buy these Love Conversation Starters from Kikki.K Stationary. The $30 date night teams gives this date idea 2 thumbs up... you´ll find out some interesting things about your partner. Don´t pressure each other to answer questions, you´re allowed to skip q´s. Do this over a picnic.

Strip Sport

Rated by 281 voters :

Sit down together and watch a sports match!

Make it interesting by picking a team each and playing strip sport - barrack for different teams and for every goal your team scores, the other person takes off an item of clothing! Amend the rules so that the stripping lasts throughout the game... Winner gets to choose what they want to do now that the loser is naked!

Window Shopping

Rated by 242 voters :

Go window shopping! Take your date out to try on the latest fashions - no need to buy, just have a ball trying them all on. Push your comfort circles and try things on that you normally would not wear! You may be surprised...

Petting Zoo

Rated by 258 voters :

Find a petting zoo and play with the baby farm animals! Feed a lamb a bottle, hug a piglet and get all gooey over the cuteness of it all! Take photos, it will be a lovely memory!

Get Lost in a Hedge Haze

Rated by 262 voters :

Find a hedge maze and get lost together!

Bicycle made for Two

Rated by 276 voters :

Rent a bicycle made for two and cruise for the day.

Traveling Circus

Rated by 251 voters :

Go and see the traveling circus when its in town! Try to resist the urge to run away with it and become trapeze artists!

Nudist Beach

Rated by 343 voters :

If you are feeling adventurous, take a day trip to your nearest nudist beach and frolick in the waves! (Tip: remember to pack the sunscreen!)

Laughing Club

Rated by 209 voters :

Find your local community laughing club! Yes, laughing club! Laughing releases all kinds of great feel-good endorphins that will leave you with a smile all day. Find your closest one here

Japanese Night

Rated by 306 voters :

Learn to make sushi (fun in itself! And slightly messy….) and indulge in some Sake and a showing of Lost in Translation for a Japanese-themed night in.

Amusement Park Date

Rated by 308 voters :

Go to an amusement park and play on all the rides, eat fariyfloss and win giant stuffed animals! (NB: the rides are more fun if you scream, even if you are not that scared!)

Non Traditional Bowling

Rated by 406 voters :

Go bowling, but dont go for the traditional style. Buy a bag of skittles beforehand and assign different silly throws to each color, or Skittle Bowling. You pull out a purple skittle? You have to spin around three times before throwing. Orange? Bowl with your non-dominate hand! Have fun after a highly competitive game, or keep to this just plain silly style!

Video Game Arcade Date

Rated by 311 voters :

Cash your $30 into coins and find a video game arcade. Play two-player and then share a soda after working up a sweat!  

Decorate Each Other

Rated by 254 voters :

Buy some chocolate sauce and sprinkles and take turns to decorate each other!

Sand Castle

Rated by 272 voters :

Buy a bucket, some shovels, and any other supplies you might need, and go build a sand castle on the beach. Take pictures.

Rainy Day

Rated by 261 voters :

When it is a rainy day, grab your gumboots, put on a raincoat and splash around like kids outside in the rain

Sprinkler Date

Rated by 217 voters :

On a hot summer afternoon, get into your swimming gear, hook up a sprinkler to a hose and play under the water. When finished, make sure to indulge in a childhood memory and each an icy-pole

Fly a Kite

Rated by 273 voters :

Go fly a kite! Seriously! On a windy day, pick up some kite flying kits, decorate your kites together, and send them into the clouds!

Play Truth or Dare

Rated by 282 voters :

Play truth or dare together like when you were teenagers!

Sushi Train or Yum Cha

Rated by 259 voters :

Dont go to a standard restaurant for dinner - eat at a sushi train or yum cha place!

Play Bingo Date

Rated by 278 voters :

Bingo! Find a serious bingo hall that is offering serious prize money - jackpot of $5,000 or more! It'll get your heart pumping as you get close to screaming out BINGO...

Treasure Hunt Event

Rated by 130 voters :

Make a Treasure Hunt for your honey where they eventually find you somewhere special to the both of you, such as a restaurant for a nice meal or break the rules and splurge out on a hotel where you've rented a room.

Counter Meals

Rated by 94 voters :

Check out mid week deals at your pubs, or bayside / cbd. Many have a burger night, parma night or deal which includes a drink for about $15. Wander down and rediscover your local for something different. There are also a few in the cbd that have special weekly deals.

Spare Change

Rated by 99 voters :

Got a huge jar of spare change that's taking up space? Take it to the change-counting machine at the bank and get it changed to actual notes. Assess how much you have (last time I did this it was $170!) and then splurge it all on a date.

Batting Cage

Rated by 64 voters :

Go to the batting cages and make it a competition! Winner has to plan the next date - loser buys dinner!

If I win, you will do for me...

Rated by 47 voters :

Go to a little hole in the wall mini golf place, and make bets! my favorite is if i win, my sweetheart owes me a nice back massage, or is making dinner for the night <3

Dollar Theatre

Rated by 32 voters :

Get all dressed up and go to your local dollar theatre to see a movie! Super cheap, you could even go out for coffee afterwards!


Rated by 51 voters :

Roll a dice, then go to either the home page or your city guide and click the red "date idea" button the amount of times shown on the dice. Do whatever comes up - I dare you!

Scavenger Hunt

Rated by 47 voters :

Create a scavenger hunt for your date. Pre-plan by sending him/her to local businesses to pick up items you've already paid for (i.e. bubble bath, dessert, a bottle of wine, etc). At each stop have the clerk hand over the next clue with the last surprise waiting for him/her at home.

Massage Your Date

Rated by 337 voters :

Give your sweetie a massage. Set up with sweet almond oil, towels, candles and music and relieve the tension from their day.

Bubble Tea

Rated by 36 voters :

Take your love and visit a bubble tea shop. Bubble tea is similar to a smoothie or milkshake with tapioca pearls at the bottom that you sip through a big straw. If you haven't tried it, you should, it's a very fun and tasty idea!


Rated by 24 voters :

UrbanQuest It is a mix between the Amazing Race and a scavenger hunt where you solve clues to find your mystery ending location. Great for an active date! - available in Canada and some US cities.

$6 Tacos and Paco's Tacos

Rated by 6 voters :

The team at MoVida brings you Paco's Tacos - all tacos $6, all the time. Open for lunch Mon-Fri and dinner Wed-Fri, these tasty little Mexican treats won't disappoint. Pulled pork, roasted duck, prawns... all soft shell, enjoyed on the open air deck in the CBD.

Tight Ice Tuesdays @ Icehouse

Rated by 10 voters :

Take advantage of Tight Ice Tuesdays at the Medibank Icehouse at Docklands! Sessions run all night playing indie and electro to skate to. If you turn up at 7pm on the dot, there's a free 15 minute lesson for nuffy beginners. $14.50pp includes skate hire.

A Day With the Animals

Rated by 8 voters :

Find your local zoo or aquariums discount days and spend a day with your date enjoying the animals.