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Indoor Date Idea - World Wide Categories

Ten Pin Bowling

Rated by 305 voters :

Ten Pin Bowling is silly, fun and can even be sexy!

Three Course Menu

Rated by 268 voters :

Plan a three course menu and get the ingredients fresh from the market. For extra kudos, make the dessert from scratch!

Make an effort to set the scene with candles and music.Take care with the meal presentation, plate it up nicely and use fresh continental parsley for garnish... all the little touches will make it special!

The Bookshop Date

Rated by 292 voters :

The Bookshop Date! Take your date to the nearest cafe-bookstore and send them on a mission to find their five favourite books.

You do the same. Sit down over coffee and cake and tell each other about the books and why they are important to you. Read them your favourite excerpts and vice versa.

Video Game Arcade Date

Rated by 311 voters :

Cash your $30 into coins and find a video game arcade. Play two-player and then share a soda after working up a sweat!  

Pool Hall Date

Rated by 254 voters :

Go to a seedy pub or pool hall and challenge each other to a few rounds of pool.

The Shopping Date

Rated by 254 voters :

Take your lovebird shopping with you and buy them something for $30 that you think they look great in - think underwear, accessories or a cool top. Have fun making them try on things that push their comfort circle!

Strip Chess

Rated by 291 voters :

Play a game of chess together - best out of three. If that sounds boring, consider strip chess! (Pawns do not count for taking clothes off, only the big pieces!)

Spring Clean

Rated by 302 voters :

Turn up the music and spring clean the house together, naked!

Pamper Your Man

Rated by 236 voters :

Girls, give your man some pampering. A facial and manicure will be very relaxing for him! Get out your products or take your $30 budget money and get some products especially for him.

Roller-Rink Date

Rated by 256 voters :

Find a roller-rink and spend the day on old-fashioned rollerskates. Learn to hold hands and spin, just like the movies!

The Museum Date

Rated by 297 voters :

Tour a museum together and soak up the history!

The Musical Date

Rated by 234 voters :

Assuming your date is musical, get them to teach you how to play a song on the guitar, piano, drums - whatever their instrument of choice is! Tell them to be patient with you...

An Art Exhibition Date

Rated by 271 voters :

Visit an art exhibition together and be "arty" in your interpretations of the works! Or just genuinely enjoy the creativity together...

The Planetarium Date

Rated by 333 voters :

Go to a planetarium and get swept up in the magic of a starry sky.

Comedy Club

Rated by 285 voters :

Your local comedy club usually has a cheap tickets night and even the undiscovered comedians can be hilarious! Laugh until your sides split, it is good for your endorphins!

Local Cafe Date

Rated by 246 voters :

Find a trendy local cafe and while away a few hours with your date over coffee, snacks and magazines! Simple, but lovely.

Table Tennis

Rated by 213 voters :

Table Tennis is a fun and silly way to spend some time together! There are specialist Table Tennis halls or you might find a table at your local pool hall or recreation centre.

Happy Hour

Rated by 251 voters :

Find a "Happy Hour" at a cool bar or pub and meet there after work to debrief about your days!

Be in a TV Audience

Rated by 254 voters :

Get tickets to be in a TV audience together! Go along, laugh and cheer along with everyone else and see what goes on behind the scenes and behind the cameras.

The Aquarium Date

Rated by 291 voters :

Get acquainted with life under the sea at an aquarium.

Salsa Dance Class

Rated by 259 voters :

Go try a salsa dance class - the first lesson is usually free, and they are often held at local bars where you can shout your date drink as well!

Play Bingo Date

Rated by 278 voters :

Bingo! Find a serious bingo hall that is offering serious prize money - jackpot of $5,000 or more! It'll get your heart pumping as you get close to screaming out BINGO...

Build-a-Bear Workshop

Rated by 336 voters :

Find a Build-a-Bear Workshop - make a "love child bear" that has a combination of both your traits... Your cute dress sense, your partners eye-glasses...

Live Jazz Music

Rated by 248 voters :

Enjoy some great live jazz music at a funky bar or club!

Dessert Only Date

Rated by 380 voters :

Dessert only - go to a great restaurant after eating dinner at home and order desserts and coffees only - sample as many as you can for your $30 budget!

Beauty Treatment

Rated by 249 voters :

Treat your partner to a beauty treatment at the local beauty school - training colleges offer really good rates on their treatments!

Indoor Rock-Climbing

Rated by 291 voters :

Find an indoor rock-climbing centre and scale the walls! Support and encourage each other - but DO NOT drop each other! (if your lady has long nails, this is NOT a good idea)

Casino Date

Rated by 203 voters :

Go to the casino and cash your $30 into chips! Find a low-roller table to start with - Black Jack or Roulette is best. Stay away from the slot machines, boring! See how far your $30 can get you!

Quit when ahead and shout yourselves dinner or buy something nice with your winnings!

Love Conversation Starters

Rated by 176 voters :

Buy these Love Conversation Starters from Kikki.K Stationary. The $30 date night teams gives this date idea 2 thumbs up... you´ll find out some interesting things about your partner. Don´t pressure each other to answer questions, you´re allowed to skip q´s. Do this over a picnic.

Read to Each Other

Rated by 262 voters :

Read to each other - pick a favourite book or, for the racy couples, find some erotic fiction or Mills & Boon and read out the love scenes to get your hearts aflutter!

Hare Krishna Restaurant

Rated by 224 voters :

Go to the Hare Krishna restaurant where payment is by donation. Learn about their culture while you are there! They are very friendly people!

Yoga Class

Rated by 283 voters :

Go and centre yourselves at a yoga class together.

Non Traditional Bowling

Rated by 406 voters :

Go bowling, but dont go for the traditional style. Buy a bag of skittles beforehand and assign different silly throws to each color, or Skittle Bowling. You pull out a purple skittle? You have to spin around three times before throwing. Orange? Bowl with your non-dominate hand! Have fun after a highly competitive game, or keep to this just plain silly style!

Hookah Lounge

Rated by 349 voters :

Go out to a hookah lounge.

3-D imax

Rated by 266 voters :

Go see a 3-D imax film. Pizza to follow.

Video Game Arcade Date

Rated by 311 voters :

Cash your $30 into coins and find a video game arcade. Play two-player and then share a soda after working up a sweat!  

Night at the Opera

Rated by 252 voters :

Dress up and go for a night at the opera! Its cheaper than you think!

Make Jewelery

Rated by 281 voters :

Find local bead shop and try to make jewelery together. If you´re cute together, owners or workers will give you a discount.

Watch a Trial in Progress

Rated by 391 voters :

Go to your city court and listen watch a trial in progress... afterwards discuss the trial over a cup of coffee and a bite to eat!

Sushi Train or Yum Cha

Rated by 259 voters :

Dont go to a standard restaurant for dinner - eat at a sushi train or yum cha place!

Music Tunes

Rated by 206 voters :

Many music shops let you listen to demos of the CDs they sell - spend some time with your sweety picking out some tunes you both like!

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Rated by 146 voters :

Have a Ready, Steady, Cook Date Night! Go to the supermarket and each load up a green bag with a few of your favourite ingredients. When you get home, swap the bags over and race each other to create a dish or two with the contents of the bags. Then enjoy a great spread for dinner!

Counter Meals

Rated by 94 voters :

Check out mid week deals at your pubs, or bayside / cbd. Many have a burger night, parma night or deal which includes a drink for about $15. Wander down and rediscover your local for something different. There are also a few in the cbd that have special weekly deals.

Bargain Ebay Buy

Rated by 134 voters :

Go onto ebay together and see who can snare the best bargain. Either pool the money together or allow only $15 each for the best buy. Hopefully it will be something to use on the following date.

Survivor Night

Rated by 53 voters :

Survivor Night! If you like to watch the reality TV show: Survivor, then why not play along? Dress in your swimsuits, grab some leis, maybe some pina coladas too! Watch the show together, and during commercial breaks participate in your own home-made reward challenges. The reward can be a massage, or... ;)

Old Fashioned Slumber Party

Rated by 69 voters :

Pile blankets and pillows on the living room floor, cook up some microwave popcorn and have a good old fashioned "slumber party". Get into your pyjamas, watch a movie, play truth or dare, twister and dance really badly singing into your hairbrush. My partner and I do this heaps and it's always so much fun! On the weekends we even get the kids involved

White Luxurious Fantasy

Rated by 55 voters :

Turn your bedroom into a white luxurious fantasy. I layer white cheesecloth around the room, place fresh white sheets on the bed with a soft, plush white cushions, include plenty tea-light candles. Take a cheese platter loaded with fruits, crackers, chocolate etc a bottle of wine. Massage each other, talk, relax, play romantic music or snuggle up to a movie in your 'new' room... its amazing how different it feels, and its way cheaper than staying at a hotel.

Massage Your Date

Rated by 337 voters :

Give your sweetie a massage. Set up with sweet almond oil, towels, candles and music and relieve the tension from their day.

Oasis Bakery

Rated by 6 voters :

Oasis Bakery in Murrumbeena is a mecca of Middle Eastern food and pastries. They have a cafe as well as a massive store full of spices, pomegranate syrups, housemade sauces and more. Go for lunch, and stock up on supplies while you're there.

Scary Movie

Rated by 6 voters :

Watch a scary movie together, something you haven't seen before. Cuddle up through the entire movie so you can feel when your date is twitching and on edge! It'll add to the excitement.