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Nighttime Date Ideas - World Wide Categories

Ten Pin Bowling

Rated by 305 voters :

Ten Pin Bowling is silly, fun and can even be sexy!

Fish and Chip Date

Rated by 271 voters :

Find a great local fish and chip shop, get takeaway and drive to the nearest park or beachfront to have a greasy picnic. Bring napkins!

Three Course Menu

Rated by 268 voters :

Plan a three course menu and get the ingredients fresh from the market. For extra kudos, make the dessert from scratch!

Make an effort to set the scene with candles and music.Take care with the meal presentation, plate it up nicely and use fresh continental parsley for garnish... all the little touches will make it special!

The Bookshop Date

Rated by 292 voters :

The Bookshop Date! Take your date to the nearest cafe-bookstore and send them on a mission to find their five favourite books.

You do the same. Sit down over coffee and cake and tell each other about the books and why they are important to you. Read them your favourite excerpts and vice versa.

Pool Hall Date

Rated by 254 voters :

Go to a seedy pub or pool hall and challenge each other to a few rounds of pool.

Drive-ins Date

Rated by 309 voters :

Go to the drive-ins. Pack your own snacks and a blanket and get cosy in the backseat. Or to really impress, borrow a ute or station wagon and pop a mattress in the back, old-school style!

The Star Gazing Date

Rated by 375 voters :

Drive out of town for some star gazing, equipped with a torch and a constellation map... see how many constellations you can find! (Find map here)

Happy Hour

Rated by 251 voters :

Find a "Happy Hour" at a cool bar or pub and meet there after work to debrief about your days!

Go Parking

Rated by 307 voters :

Find your local scenic outlook (aka makeout point!) and go parking! Fool around in the backseat like you were teenagers again!

Camp Overnight in your Backyard

Rated by 297 voters :

Camp overnight in your backyard! Pitch a tent, cook on a little gas bbq and make yourself a little campfire. Avoid going in the house if you can!


Rated by 292 voters :

Fireworks! Take a blanket and a picnic to the next scheduled fireworks night near you!

Live Jazz Music

Rated by 248 voters :

Enjoy some great live jazz music at a funky bar or club!

Dessert Only Date

Rated by 380 voters :

Dessert only - go to a great restaurant after eating dinner at home and order desserts and coffees only - sample as many as you can for your $30 budget!

Drive-In for the New Millennium

Rated by 402 voters :

The drive-in for the new millennium! Charge up a laptop and take it outside to a field or park somewhere with some snacks at nighttime to watch a movie together under the stars.

Blindfold Tag

Rated by 297 voters :

Here is a fun, silly one for home one night - turn out all the lights and both put on a blindfold. Start from opposite ends of the house and play blindfolded tag! (Wise to remove all breakables and sharp objects that may get in your way!)

Casino Date

Rated by 203 voters :

Go to the casino and cash your $30 into chips! Find a low-roller table to start with - Black Jack or Roulette is best. Stay away from the slot machines, boring! See how far your $30 can get you!

Quit when ahead and shout yourselves dinner or buy something nice with your winnings!

Drive In Date

Rated by 295 voters :

Go to a drive in, bring your pillows, get comfy, buy your favorite food beforehand and watch a flick in the comfort of your own car, with a little flirting in-between features.

Indian Night

Rated by 266 voters :

Pick up ingredients for a great Tikka Misala, some pappadums and a Bollywood movie and get stuck into Indian night at home!

Mexican Night

Rated by 304 voters :

Make tacos or nachos for dinner, accompanied by a jug of Sangria and pick up a Mexican DVD (think Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Mexican or Like Water for Chocolate) and spice up your night with the flavours from south of the border.

Hookah Lounge

Rated by 349 voters :

Go out to a hookah lounge.

Drive to Your Local Beach

Rated by 271 voters :

Take a drive to your local beach- pack a blanket and dress warm- but go at night and watch those stars on the hood of your car!

Ferry Trip

Rated by 251 voters :

Go to a cafe beside the river and have dinner or a snack then take a ferry trip taking in all the sites and lights of the city (best done at night)

Beach at Night

Rated by 298 voters :

Beach at night, full moon, candle light, a light dinner with fruits and chocolate... and here goes your imagination.

Night at the Opera

Rated by 252 voters :

Dress up and go for a night at the opera! Its cheaper than you think!

Outdoor Cinema

Rated by 289 voters :

In the summertime, bring along your own snacks and bottle of wine and go to an outdoor cinema.

Firefly Hunting

Rated by 275 voters :

Go firefly hunting in the summer! Buy a bug cage or fashion your own out of soda bottles (be sure to leave air holes!). Make it a competition to see how many you can catch. Tally up the results. Every one firefly equals a kiss!

Christmas Lights

Rated by 306 voters :

During Christmas time, drive around at night together and marvel at the beautiful lights across town

Dance Under the Moonlight...

Rated by 326 voters :

On a clear, warm night, take a portable stereo outside, and have your own dance under the moonlight...

Rooftop Dining

Rated by 121 voters :

Romantic Rooftop Dining.

Pizza n' Beach

Rated by 123 voters :

Pick up a pizza or two and head to a secluded beach at nighttime. Enjoy the sounds of the waves, sight of the stars and company of your partner.

Old Fashioned Slumber Party

Rated by 69 voters :

Pile blankets and pillows on the living room floor, cook up some microwave popcorn and have a good old fashioned "slumber party". Get into your pyjamas, watch a movie, play truth or dare, twister and dance really badly singing into your hairbrush. My partner and I do this heaps and it's always so much fun! On the weekends we even get the kids involved

Moonlight Cereal Dinner

Rated by 69 voters :

Set up a table in the backyard under the moon complete with table cloth and fancy candles, then treat yourselves to a romantic cereal dinner!

Beach Romance

Rated by 22 voters :

The best date is taking your partner to a beach at night and lying down on the sand with cosy blankets on..snuggling, staring up at the stars and sharing earphones..listening to romantic songs.

Funky Bunch Trivia

Rated by 8 voters :

The Station Hotel on Greville St Prahran hosts Funky Bunch Trivia every Tuesday night from 8pm. Free entry, $5 wines. Compete as a two or join forces with other daters for strength in numbers!