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Outdoor Date Idea - World Wide Categories

Fish and Chip Date

Rated by 271 voters :

Find a great local fish and chip shop, get takeaway and drive to the nearest park or beachfront to have a greasy picnic. Bring napkins!

Picnic Basket

Rated by 303 voters :

Pack a picnic basket with yummy deli treats and a bottle of wine. Find a secluded park, spread out a blanket and laze around together...

Swimming Pool

Rated by 235 voters :

Pack your bathers and beach towels and go to the local swimming pool for the day. Splash!

Driving Range Date

Rated by 329 voters :

Buy a bucket of balls at a local driving range and practice your golf swing!

Rowboat Date

Rated by 395 voters :

Rent a rowboat and take it out on the lake/river together for a lazy afternoon on the water.

Rollerblading Date

Rated by 301 voters :

Rent a couple of pairs of rollerblades and hit the road or the beach esplanade together!

Whipped Cream Fight!

Rated by 345 voters :

Have a whipped cream fight!

Each person gets two cans. Head outside to a park where you can get strategic and hide behind trees/bushes. Wear old clothes!

Sporting Event Date

Rated by 272 voters :

Go see a sporting event together. Barrack for different teams. Loser team buys winner team dessert!

The Treasure Hunt

Rated by 284 voters :

Set up a treasure hunt, trans-suburban! Get in the car and let your sweetheart figure out the clues, drive to the next spot and find the next clues. Only help out where necessary! It will be nice if the places you visit mean something to the two of you. Make sure you lead them to a great surprise at the end!

The Star Gazing Date

Rated by 375 voters :

Drive out of town for some star gazing, equipped with a torch and a constellation map... see how many constellations you can find! (Find map here)

The Festival Date

Rated by 226 voters :

Find a festival - there are festivals happening all the time, usually with free or cheap entertainment and food.

The Markets

Rated by 263 voters :

Go to the markets together and shop for picnic food - find new things to try! Then head to a nearby park and laze around for the afternoon.

Icecream Date

Rated by 238 voters :

Buy an icecream or a takeaway coffee and make the most of some beautiful scenery! Think beaches, mountains, nature walks...

The Zoo Date

Rated by 301 voters :

Go to the zoo! It will be a lovely day out together, adults rarely go alone without kids!

Build Sandcastles

Rated by 278 voters :

Head for the beach or a sandpit and build sandcastles and sand-sculptures together! Get a bit messy, have a competition and ask passers-by to vote on their favourite!

Skinny Dipping

Rated by 336 voters :

Go skinny dipping! Find a quiet pool or waterway - be daring!

Waterslide Date

Rated by 298 voters :

Find a water park and go play on the waterslides together for a day!

Water Fight Date

Rated by 293 voters :

On a hot day, stock up with some water balloons and water guns and head to a nearby park for a good, old-fashioned water fight! Go stealth in the bushes and behind trees and ambush each other with your ammunition! Good fun!

City Walking Tour

Rated by 243 voters :

Go on a tour together of your own local city - most cities have great walking tours now, everything from coffee appreciation, to chocolate, to ghost tours or the more traditional architecture tours! You may find places that you never even knew existed or learn something new together about your very own city.

Milk a Cow - Shear a Sheep

Rated by 327 voters :

Find somewhere you can milk a cow and shear a sheep, just for something completely different!

Bicycle Ride

Rated by 266 voters :

Go for a leisurely bicycle ride together! Take your own, or borrow or hire some. Head for somewhere that has a bike path set aside from the road (the beach or the country is usually a good choice) and enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Get Frisky Outside

Rated by 326 voters :

Find a secluded clearing outdoors or somewhere conspicuous and get a bit frisky making out where no one can see you, but where there is a slight chance of being caught!

Nature Walk

Rated by 282 voters :

Head for a nature walk in a National Park area, take a picnic and soak up the majesty of nature together!

Flea Market Date

Rated by 252 voters :

Browse for bargains at a flea market!

Camping Ground

Rated by 306 voters :

Camp overnight at a camping ground! Site hire is usually cheap and a friend will have a small tent you can borrow if you do not have one.

Farmers Market

Rated by 271 voters :

Find a local farmers market and go to enjoy some great homegrown produce! Buy yourselves lunch or ingredients for dinner and splurge on a bunch of flowers for your date!

Garage Sale

Rated by 254 voters :

Pick up the Saturday morning paper and some takeaway coffees and map out a garage sale route to follow for the day! See what treasures you can seek out for your $30 budget!

Humanitarian - Litter Removal

Rated by 330 voters :

Litter Removal! Find a park or area that could use some attention and spend time cleaning it up. Relax and enjoy a coffee or ice cream in your clean space once you have finished!

The Sunrise Date

Rated by 357 voters :

How often do you enjoy a sunrise together?! Wake your date up early and find a beautiful lookout to enjoy a sunrise. Stop by a bakery on the way home and pick up breakfast still warm from the oven!


Rated by 292 voters :

Fireworks! Take a blanket and a picnic to the next scheduled fireworks night near you!

Drive-In for the New Millennium

Rated by 402 voters :

The drive-in for the new millennium! Charge up a laptop and take it outside to a field or park somewhere with some snacks at nighttime to watch a movie together under the stars.

Playground Date

Rated by 337 voters :

Take your date to the playground. Be silly and play together, the two of you will have a ball!

Play Tennis

Rated by 263 voters :

Take some tennis racquets and balls to a nearby court and have a hit together. Do not play serious tennis... Go out there and have some fun.

Petting Zoo

Rated by 258 voters :

Find a petting zoo and play with the baby farm animals! Feed a lamb a bottle, hug a piglet and get all gooey over the cuteness of it all! Take photos, it will be a lovely memory!

Meet for a Jog

Rated by 308 voters :

Meet for a jog in a scenic park, get sweaty and take it from there.

Street Performers

Rated by 272 voters :

Take a walk around the downtown/shopping district of a coastal city. See the sites and street performers. Buy sandwiches, or what you fancy, and have dinner on the beach while watching the sunset.

Explore a Historic Town

Rated by 277 voters :

Take a roadtrip to a nearby historic town and explore the history of its museums and landmarks.

Get Lost in a Hedge Haze

Rated by 262 voters :

Find a hedge maze and get lost together!

Bicycle made for Two

Rated by 276 voters :

Rent a bicycle made for two and cruise for the day.

BBQ al fresco

Rated by 274 voters :

Get some ingredients and head to a scenic public BBQ area to cook up some food and eat al fresco together!

Nudist Beach

Rated by 343 voters :

If you are feeling adventurous, take a day trip to your nearest nudist beach and frolick in the waves! (Tip: remember to pack the sunscreen!)

Laughing Club

Rated by 209 voters :

Find your local community laughing club! Yes, laughing club! Laughing releases all kinds of great feel-good endorphins that will leave you with a smile all day. Find your closest one here

Fishing Date

Rated by 268 voters :

Two words: "Gone Fishin"

Amusement Park Date

Rated by 308 voters :

Go to an amusement park and play on all the rides, eat fariyfloss and win giant stuffed animals! (NB: the rides are more fun if you scream, even if you are not that scared!)

Drive to Your Local Beach

Rated by 271 voters :

Take a drive to your local beach- pack a blanket and dress warm- but go at night and watch those stars on the hood of your car!

Wine Tasting

Rated by 254 voters :

Hit up a local winery and do a wine tasting. Even better, dress over the top and use a snobby accent.

Public Transport Date

Rated by 247 voters :

Spend a day or evening riding public transport around your city - My partner and I did this on the city ferrys and loved going up and down the river, add an icecream for a great time out and about for less than $10!

Ferry Trip

Rated by 251 voters :

Go to a cafe beside the river and have dinner or a snack then take a ferry trip taking in all the sites and lights of the city (best done at night)

Beach at Night

Rated by 298 voters :

Beach at night, full moon, candle light, a light dinner with fruits and chocolate... and here goes your imagination.

Outdoor Cinema

Rated by 289 voters :

In the summertime, bring along your own snacks and bottle of wine and go to an outdoor cinema.

Firefly Hunting

Rated by 275 voters :

Go firefly hunting in the summer! Buy a bug cage or fashion your own out of soda bottles (be sure to leave air holes!). Make it a competition to see how many you can catch. Tally up the results. Every one firefly equals a kiss!

Sand Castle

Rated by 272 voters :

Buy a bucket, some shovels, and any other supplies you might need, and go build a sand castle on the beach. Take pictures.

Rainy Day

Rated by 261 voters :

When it is a rainy day, grab your gumboots, put on a raincoat and splash around like kids outside in the rain

Sprinkler Date

Rated by 217 voters :

On a hot summer afternoon, get into your swimming gear, hook up a sprinkler to a hose and play under the water. When finished, make sure to indulge in a childhood memory and each an icy-pole

Fly a Kite

Rated by 273 voters :

Go fly a kite! Seriously! On a windy day, pick up some kite flying kits, decorate your kites together, and send them into the clouds!

Public Event

Rated by 250 voters :

Go to a public event in the city (eg: film festival, food festival etc), and soak up the vibes!

Dance Under the Moonlight...

Rated by 326 voters :

On a clear, warm night, take a portable stereo outside, and have your own dance under the moonlight...

Open Plan Zoo

Rated by 260 voters :

Spend a whole day together at the zoo walking around watching animals do what they do. If you can, find an open plan zoo (A zoo without cages). (Monarto, Western Plains, Werribee). After the date you will be smelly, so best to shower together with organic soap. If it goes well, try make it to Africa and support the needy.

Walk a Dog

Rated by 264 voters :

Volunteer to walk a friends dog together.

Make a Kite

Rated by 143 voters :

Make a kite and then go fly it. There are lots of online instructions, but if you feel like being adventurous, try going at it on your own! Watch out for trees and power lines!

Rooftop Dining

Rated by 121 voters :

Romantic Rooftop Dining.

Wooded Trail Hike

Rated by 126 voters :

Find a wooded trail for either hiking or biking and go right after it rains! Be sure to wear clothes you don't care for. Get muddy and have fun. Muddy kisses are surprisingly romantic!

Pizza n' Beach

Rated by 123 voters :

Pick up a pizza or two and head to a secluded beach at nighttime. Enjoy the sounds of the waves, sight of the stars and company of your partner.

Shutter Bug

Rated by 99 voters :

Walk around town taking pictures every hour on the hour. It will inspire you to keep the pictures interesting by exploring your surroundings.

Feed the Ducks

Rated by 66 voters :

FEED THE DUCKS AT A LOCAL NATURE PARK I've had a few dates at a local nature park, shakerley mere (United Kingdom). Proven to be a good date - relaxed atmosphere easy to make conversation, balanced from and the girl which is always great. Cant be awkward really either with the antics of the ducks and ice cream to fall back too!

Collingwood Children's Farm

Rated by 7 voters :

Collingwood Childrens' Farm. Great fun for grown ups, not just kids! $8 entry for adults. Also contains a cafe that does great breakfast and coffee. Open every day 9-5.

City Walks

Rated by 57 voters :

Go downtown during the winter to walk around and see the city. Whenever it gets too cold for you and your date, duck into whatever antique shop, cafe or other miscellaneous store you're closest to and warm up before venturing out again. And of course always take a camera.

Moonlight Cereal Dinner

Rated by 69 voters :

Set up a table in the backyard under the moon complete with table cloth and fancy candles, then treat yourselves to a romantic cereal dinner!

Beach Romance

Rated by 22 voters :

The best date is taking your partner to a beach at night and lying down on the sand with cosy blankets on..snuggling, staring up at the stars and sharing earphones..listening to romantic songs.

Scavenger Hunt

Rated by 47 voters :

Create a scavenger hunt for your date. Pre-plan by sending him/her to local businesses to pick up items you've already paid for (i.e. bubble bath, dessert, a bottle of wine, etc). At each stop have the clerk hand over the next clue with the last surprise waiting for him/her at home.

Bubble Tea

Rated by 36 voters :

Take your love and visit a bubble tea shop. Bubble tea is similar to a smoothie or milkshake with tapioca pearls at the bottom that you sip through a big straw. If you haven't tried it, you should, it's a very fun and tasty idea!

A quiet creek or pond

Rated by 34 voters :

Drive out away from the commotion of the city and find a quiet creek or pond and go swimming for a day. Teach your date how to skip rocks or search the banks for that perfect heart-shaped rock. Be creative once you are there. Don't be shy.

Miller Outdoor Theatre

Rated by 5 voters :

The miller outdoor theater is amazing (and free). Check the schedule at