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Stay at Home Date Ideas - World Wide Categories

Three Course Menu

Rated by 268 voters :

Plan a three course menu and get the ingredients fresh from the market. For extra kudos, make the dessert from scratch!

Make an effort to set the scene with candles and music.Take care with the meal presentation, plate it up nicely and use fresh continental parsley for garnish... all the little touches will make it special!

Grease Monkeys

Rated by 309 voters :

For girls: Dig out your overalls, then ask your date to teach you how to change the tire on his car. Then go through the transmission, oil, water and brake fluid. Be grease monkeys together!

Strip Chess

Rated by 291 voters :

Play a game of chess together - best out of three. If that sounds boring, consider strip chess! (Pawns do not count for taking clothes off, only the big pieces!)

Spring Clean

Rated by 302 voters :

Turn up the music and spring clean the house together, naked!

Pamper Your Man

Rated by 236 voters :

Girls, give your man some pampering. A facial and manicure will be very relaxing for him! Get out your products or take your $30 budget money and get some products especially for him.

The Musical Date

Rated by 233 voters :

Assuming your date is musical, get them to teach you how to play a song on the guitar, piano, drums - whatever their instrument of choice is! Tell them to be patient with you...

A Movie Marathon Date

Rated by 301 voters :

Movie marathon! Visit the video store and theme your marathon by actor, genre or matching words in the titles. Stock up on snacks and snuggle on the couch together.

Massage Your Date

Rated by 337 voters :

Give your sweetie a massage. Set up with sweet almond oil, towels, candles and music and relieve the tension from their day.

Take a Bath with Your Date

Rated by 356 voters :

Take a bath together, complete with bubbles, music, candles and champagne!

Bake a Cake

Rated by 325 voters :

Bake a cake together... FROM SCRATCH! Get creative and get messy. See what amazing creation you can make!

The Striptease

Rated by 251 voters :

Get cheeky and spoil your partner with a striptease! Put together a playlist of a few sexy songs and layer up with a hot little outfit.

If you feel a bit shy, consider renting a cheesy DVD like Showgirls or going to a strip class first for inspiration!

Cook dinner together - naked!

Rated by 394 voters :

Cook dinner together - naked!

Bake Gingerbread

Rated by 275 voters :

Bake gingerbread people together - get cutouts for both gingerbread girls and boys and decorate them to look like your sweetie! Use mini frosting tubes, lollies, whatever you can find to make them in a likeness!

Indoor Picnic

Rated by 366 voters :

Have an indoor picnic! Clear room to spread out a blanket, light some candles and eat on the floor. Put on a CD of nature sounds to make it realistic, and before you know it, it will feel like you are making out in the great outdoors!

Camp Overnight in your Backyard

Rated by 297 voters :

Camp overnight in your backyard! Pitch a tent, cook on a little gas bbq and make yourself a little campfire. Avoid going in the house if you can!

1000-Piece Puzzles

Rated by 363 voters :

Borrow or buy one of those huge 1000-piece puzzles and sit inside on a rainy day with some tea or hot chocolate and chat while you piece it together.

Play Dough

Rated by 239 voters :

Make your own play-dough from flour, water and food colouring, then spend the afternoon making artful sculptures! Play-dough recipes can be found here

Bake Cookies

Rated by 311 voters :

Bake cookies together from scratch!

Fondue Dinner

Rated by 262 voters :

Source a fondue set and have a fondue dinner together! Click here to find recipes for cheese fondue with crusty bread and chocolate fondue.

Memory Lane

Rated by 250 voters :

Both of you, pull out your childhood memory boxes! Sort through old photos, school assignments, trophies, etc, and take a stroll down memory lane with your date. Tell them about your friends, your first loves and anything else you remember from long ago...

Model for a Day

Rated by 268 voters :

Model for a day! Spend time picking a nice outfit and doing hair and make up, then grab a digital camera and take glamour shots of your date!

Turn up the music and serve some wine to help them relax. Play around with different poses and camera settings. Frame your favourites for keeping!

Palm Reading

Rated by 281 voters :

Get some books from the library or source some information on the internet and learn how to give you partner a palm reading. Burn some incense and candles and look deep into their future!

Make-Up Kit

Rated by 310 voters :

Girls: pull out your make-up kit and get him to give you a makeover. Guys may not admit it, but they are definitely curious about that morning make-up ritual! Be prepared to have a sense of humour, odds are it will not be pretty!

Blindfold Tag

Rated by 297 voters :

Here is a fun, silly one for home one night - turn out all the lights and both put on a blindfold. Start from opposite ends of the house and play blindfolded tag! (Wise to remove all breakables and sharp objects that may get in your way!)

Read to Each Other

Rated by 262 voters :

Read to each other - pick a favourite book or, for the racy couples, find some erotic fiction or Mills & Boon and read out the love scenes to get your hearts aflutter!

Strip Sport

Rated by 281 voters :

Sit down together and watch a sports match!

Make it interesting by picking a team each and playing strip sport - barrack for different teams and for every goal your team scores, the other person takes off an item of clothing! Amend the rules so that the stripping lasts throughout the game... Winner gets to choose what they want to do now that the loser is naked!

Foot Massage

Rated by 260 voters :

Take your date to a handmade cosmetics store and spend some time choosing creams and lotions with them that they love the scent of, then take them home and give them a foot massage with the products they have chosen

A Special Breakfast

Rated by 277 voters :

Get up early and cook your sweetie a special breakfast in bed! Blueberry pancakes, brewed coffee and fresh fruit with a single rose on the corner of the tray!

Online Date

Rated by 282 voters :

Make an online date with your sweetie - either jump on computers at different houses, or even different computers in the same house, or take it public to an internet cafe!

Meet in a private chat room or on Skype or IM and have a conversation over the internet... you will be surprised at how it adds a whole new dimension to your conversation. And if you start to feel frisky, perhaps indulge in some cybersex!

A Night in Italy

Rated by 322 voters :

Grab ingredients for homemade pizzas, a bottle of chianti and an Italian-themed movie (think Roman Holiday, The Italian Job or Life is Beautiful, to name a few…) and enjoy your own little night in Italy.

Indian Night

Rated by 266 voters :

Pick up ingredients for a great Tikka Misala, some pappadums and a Bollywood movie and get stuck into Indian night at home!

Mexican Night

Rated by 304 voters :

Make tacos or nachos for dinner, accompanied by a jug of Sangria and pick up a Mexican DVD (think Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Mexican or Like Water for Chocolate) and spice up your night with the flavours from south of the border.

Japanese Night

Rated by 306 voters :

Learn to make sushi (fun in itself! And slightly messy….) and indulge in some Sake and a showing of Lost in Translation for a Japanese-themed night in.

Cut Each Others Hair

Rated by 536 voters :

Instead of going to the hairdresser, why not be adventurous and cut each others hair in a way that you think would look good!

Write a Song

Rated by 241 voters :

Write a song together, and take turns singing it to each other, or even playing it on an instrument!

Decorate Each Other

Rated by 254 voters :

Buy some chocolate sauce and sprinkles and take turns to decorate each other!

Play Truth or Dare

Rated by 282 voters :

Play truth or dare together like when you were teenagers!

Compile a CD

Rated by 217 voters :

Compile a CD of both of your favourite tunes together!

Newspaper Puzzles

Rated by 237 voters :

Buy a copy of the paper, and do the puzzles together over a cup of coffee, or in bed on a Sunday morning


Rated by 252 voters :

Meditate together on a rainy afternoon, incense and all

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Rated by 146 voters :

Have a Ready, Steady, Cook Date Night! Go to the supermarket and each load up a green bag with a few of your favourite ingredients. When you get home, swap the bags over and race each other to create a dish or two with the contents of the bags. Then enjoy a great spread for dinner!

Ebay Date

Rated by 148 voters :

Pour a glass of wine and pump the tunes. Go through your wardrobes and choose a few clothing items that you could do without but still in a good condition. Take pictures of the items posing in them. Upload them on eBay and voila! You get a few bucks for your next date . . . out!

Survivor Night

Rated by 53 voters :

Survivor Night! If you like to watch the reality TV show: Survivor, then why not play along? Dress in your swimsuits, grab some leis, maybe some pina coladas too! Watch the show together, and during commercial breaks participate in your own home-made reward challenges. The reward can be a massage, or... ;)

Old Fashioned Slumber Party

Rated by 69 voters :

Pile blankets and pillows on the living room floor, cook up some microwave popcorn and have a good old fashioned "slumber party". Get into your pyjamas, watch a movie, play truth or dare, twister and dance really badly singing into your hairbrush. My partner and I do this heaps and it's always so much fun! On the weekends we even get the kids involved

Reading Time

Rated by 40 voters :

Find a book that you two both have wanted to read for a while, buy a copy at the book store. You can take turns reading it out load and can take a break in between chapters!

Body Paint

Rated by 31 voters :

Buy some body or face paint and take the time to paint a fantastic outfit on each other. Be brave and use your fingers, or a paintbrush for a more titillating sensation...

Pirate Kisses

Rated by 7 voters :

Dress as a pirate and take a picture kissing! heaps fun... seriously ;)