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Summer Date Ideas - World Wide Categories

Fish and Chip Date

Rated by 271 voters :

Find a great local fish and chip shop, get takeaway and drive to the nearest park or beachfront to have a greasy picnic. Bring napkins!

Picnic Basket

Rated by 303 voters :

Pack a picnic basket with yummy deli treats and a bottle of wine. Find a secluded park, spread out a blanket and laze around together...

Swimming Pool

Rated by 235 voters :

Pack your bathers and beach towels and go to the local swimming pool for the day. Splash!

Rowboat Date

Rated by 395 voters :

Rent a rowboat and take it out on the lake/river together for a lazy afternoon on the water.

Rollerblading Date

Rated by 301 voters :

Rent a couple of pairs of rollerblades and hit the road or the beach esplanade together!

The Festival Date

Rated by 226 voters :

Find a festival - there are festivals happening all the time, usually with free or cheap entertainment and food.

The Markets

Rated by 263 voters :

Go to the markets together and shop for picnic food - find new things to try! Then head to a nearby park and laze around for the afternoon.

Icecream Date

Rated by 238 voters :

Buy an icecream or a takeaway coffee and make the most of some beautiful scenery! Think beaches, mountains, nature walks...

Build Sandcastles

Rated by 278 voters :

Head for the beach or a sandpit and build sandcastles and sand-sculptures together! Get a bit messy, have a competition and ask passers-by to vote on their favourite!

Skinny Dipping

Rated by 336 voters :

Go skinny dipping! Find a quiet pool or waterway - be daring!

Waterslide Date

Rated by 298 voters :

Find a water park and go play on the waterslides together for a day!

Water Fight Date

Rated by 293 voters :

On a hot day, stock up with some water balloons and water guns and head to a nearby park for a good, old-fashioned water fight! Go stealth in the bushes and behind trees and ambush each other with your ammunition! Good fun!

Get Frisky Outside

Rated by 326 voters :

Find a secluded clearing outdoors or somewhere conspicuous and get a bit frisky making out where no one can see you, but where there is a slight chance of being caught!

Camping Ground

Rated by 306 voters :

Camp overnight at a camping ground! Site hire is usually cheap and a friend will have a small tent you can borrow if you do not have one.

BBQ al fresco

Rated by 274 voters :

Get some ingredients and head to a scenic public BBQ area to cook up some food and eat al fresco together!

Nudist Beach

Rated by 343 voters :

If you are feeling adventurous, take a day trip to your nearest nudist beach and frolick in the waves! (Tip: remember to pack the sunscreen!)

Fishing Date

Rated by 268 voters :

Two words: "Gone Fishin"

Beach at Night

Rated by 298 voters :

Beach at night, full moon, candle light, a light dinner with fruits and chocolate... and here goes your imagination.

Outdoor Cinema

Rated by 289 voters :

In the summertime, bring along your own snacks and bottle of wine and go to an outdoor cinema.

Firefly Hunting

Rated by 275 voters :

Go firefly hunting in the summer! Buy a bug cage or fashion your own out of soda bottles (be sure to leave air holes!). Make it a competition to see how many you can catch. Tally up the results. Every one firefly equals a kiss!

Sand Castle

Rated by 272 voters :

Buy a bucket, some shovels, and any other supplies you might need, and go build a sand castle on the beach. Take pictures.

Sprinkler Date

Rated by 217 voters :

On a hot summer afternoon, get into your swimming gear, hook up a sprinkler to a hose and play under the water. When finished, make sure to indulge in a childhood memory and each an icy-pole

Dance Under the Moonlight...

Rated by 326 voters :

On a clear, warm night, take a portable stereo outside, and have your own dance under the moonlight...

Pizza n' Beach

Rated by 123 voters :

Pick up a pizza or two and head to a secluded beach at nighttime. Enjoy the sounds of the waves, sight of the stars and company of your partner.

Moonlight Cereal Dinner

Rated by 69 voters :

Set up a table in the backyard under the moon complete with table cloth and fancy candles, then treat yourselves to a romantic cereal dinner!

Bubble Tea

Rated by 36 voters :

Take your love and visit a bubble tea shop. Bubble tea is similar to a smoothie or milkshake with tapioca pearls at the bottom that you sip through a big straw. If you haven't tried it, you should, it's a very fun and tasty idea!

A quiet creek or pond

Rated by 34 voters :

Drive out away from the commotion of the city and find a quiet creek or pond and go swimming for a day. Teach your date how to skip rocks or search the banks for that perfect heart-shaped rock. Be creative once you are there. Don't be shy.